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Jay and the Lion Cubs by TightlyWrappedCoils Jay and the Lion Cubs :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 19 9 Trust Is What Mattersss by TightlyWrappedCoils Trust Is What Mattersss :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 32 9 Comfy? by TightlyWrappedCoils Comfy? :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 31 9 Your Dancer by TightlyWrappedCoils Your Dancer :icontightlywrappedcoils:TightlyWrappedCoils 25 11
The King's Madness Chapter 2: Aleu Meets Louie
Aleu screamed and wailed as loud as she could but the vines around her muzzle let nothing but a soft squeal come from it as she was dragged on. Her captors never let up on her for the more she struggled to break away from them, the more they kept a firm grip on the vine leashes they yanked her through the jungle with.
The Wolf Girl could not believe how she let this happen to her. She has lived in the jungle since the day she was born. She has outrun and outsmarted predators. How could she been so foolish to have dropped her guard down enough for whoever it was that caught her like this to be dragging her to a place she had no idea since not only was she restrained and gagged but with a piece of cloth tied around her eyes she could not even see where she was being taken.
Her Captors hardly took a single break as they kept on tugging, Aleu, along. It seemed they were in a bit of a rush since, Aleu, felt like almost running being dragged along as if trying to keep up since she was starti
:iconkodimarto:Kodimarto 8 5
The King's Madness Chapter 1: Aleu is Kidnapped
It was a hot day within the jungles of Africa. The Sun was high in the cloudless sky bearing its rays upon the lush green jungle below. Animals of all kinds were going about their natural instincts doing what nature intended for them to do. However all was not calm within the thick brush as an individual was running through the trees, climbing and swinging on the thick vines on a desperate mission of hers.
Her name was, Aleu. A Wolf girl who thrived living within the jungle with her family. She wore a light bluish loincloth bikini jumping from one vine to the next. Her fur wrinkled from sweat as she was searching for something. She panted trying so hard to find what she was looking for and exhaustion was starting to get the better of her as when she let go of the vine she was swinging on she barely stuck the landing upon the next branch and nearly fell but somehow managed to catch herself.
Aleu took a few steady breaths to calm herself but she would not stop for she had to find some an
:iconkodimarto:Kodimarto 17 33
Kaa's Twelve Belly Dancing Princesses by hypnotica2002 Kaa's Twelve Belly Dancing Princesses :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 52 8 Agnita Hypnotizes Jasmine With Dance by hypnotica2002 Agnita Hypnotizes Jasmine With Dance :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 19 1 Slave Jasmine Hypnotized by Agnita by hypnotica2002 Slave Jasmine Hypnotized by Agnita :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 26 4 Slave Ariel Loves Mistress Kaa by hypnotica2002 Slave Ariel Loves Mistress Kaa :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 24 1 Slave Ariel Dances in Mistress Kaa's Palace Walls by hypnotica2002 Slave Ariel Dances in Mistress Kaa's Palace Walls :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 30 5 Slave Melody and Kaa: Dance Before Master by hypnotica2002 Slave Melody and Kaa: Dance Before Master :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 24 4 Slave Melody and Kaa: Comfortable Pile of Coils by hypnotica2002 Slave Melody and Kaa: Comfortable Pile of Coils :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 24 4 Slave Melody Cannot Hide From Mistress Kaa by hypnotica2002 Slave Melody Cannot Hide From Mistress Kaa :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 28 4 Mowgli and Melody trapped by King Louie by hypnotica2002 Mowgli and Melody trapped by King Louie :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 11 4 Showoff Mowgli by hypnotica2002 Showoff Mowgli :iconhypnotica2002:hypnotica2002 8 4


Crash Bandicoot NSA: Crystals up the Waterfall
Here's chapter 7 of my Crash Bandicoot story, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Adventure! In this chapter, Crash, Jake, and their friends stumble upon a waterfall and a rocky hill possibly with crystals scattered on the top. Also, Jake and Aku Aku stumble upon a secret passage containing a very special gem. Also further up is one of the crew's first of many villains they have to face, and it's a certain blue crazy kangaroo. 

As the group traveled further upstream, they eventually came across a large cascading waterfall. It was a massive yet beautiful sight, with rocky cliffs, tunnels, caves, and cliffs, and water either sprayed or rained down them as the group stared at it in awe. "Woah," both Crash and Jake said as they beheld the large waterfall. "This is where I sense more of the crystals." Aku Aku said as he looked at the falls, "Up there." "You mean, all the way up there?" Crunch said as he started to feel butterflies in his stomach. "Is there somethings wrong Crunch?" Coco asked. "I uh," Crunch said, but paused as he rubbed his arm up and down and gulped. "I'm, afraid, of heights." "Aw Crunch," Tawna said, "It's okay." "Yeah buddy," Jake added trying to comfort him, "We'll still be low to the ground, just....high up." "I don't know about this," Crunch said, "It looks like a long way down from up there." Then Crash patted his back and spoke gibberish to tell him everything was going to be alright. "Don't worry Crunch," Coco said comforting him, "We'll be up there with you." "Of course Crunch." Aku Aku, "And always remember one thing." "What's that?" Crunch asked. "Don't look down.......or up." Aku Aku answered.

Soon enough, they started to make their way up the rocks with Coco going first, Crash and Jake in second, Crunch in third, Tawna in fourth, and Polar and Pura following closely behind them. Aku Aku meanwhile floated with them making sure the crew was safe from harm. As they scaled up the rocks, Crunch inched his way there while repeating, "Don't look down or up, down't look down or up, don't look down or up, don't look down or up." As they climbed, Crash saw boxes and smashed them for the easy access to the gem. As they scaled further up while smashing boxes, Crunch slipped on a slippery rock and almost lost his balance. "Woah, Oh no, oh no!!" he shouted as he almost fell. The gang rushed to him and saved him in just a nick of time. "Guys!!" Crunch said as he looked at the ground below and the sky above, "I looked down and up!" Soon, they all pulled him to safety as he sighed in relief. Then he hugged them all as he said. "Wooh!! Thanks guys, that was close! Is there any way I can repay you?" "Stop trying to crush our spines?" Jake said as he was squeezed by the hug. Then Crunch noticed his hug looked like it was squeezing the life out of them. "Oops, sorry," he said as he let them go, "Don't know my own strength." "Don't mention it Crunch, we're just glad you're okay." Coco responded. 

As they continued to make their way up, they continued into a cavern. As they were walking, they were unaware that a spot in the cave led to an unexpected surprise. Jake stepped on a rock, when suddenly the ground beneath him gave way. "What the?" Jake said as he fell through the hole, "AHHH!" "Jake!!!" Coco, Crunch, Aku Aku, and Tawna shouted while Crash shouted in gibberish with horror. Polar yipped while Pura meowed in terror at what just happened. Jake soon landed on a rock waterslide which carried him into a secret secluded area. As he slid, he went from screaming in terror to screaming with fun and excitement. As he made it to the end, he looked from the hole. "Guys!!" Jake shouted, "Can you hear me?" Coco soon put her ear to the hole and heard Jake. "Guys. he's alright!!" The rest of the gang sighed in relief while Crash looked at the hole with her. "Jake, we hear you!" Coco shouted back, "Are you okay buddy?" "Yeah, I'm alright!" Jake answered but then looked around his area not knowing what to do next, "Only one problem though......what the heck do I do now?" "You want us to come down there sweetie?" Tawna asked. "I don't know," Jake answered, "I'm not sure where this tunnel is gonna lead me." "Hang on Jake," Aku Aku responded, "I'll go with you down there." He turned to the rest of the crew. "Keep going and keep each other safe," Aku Aku told them, "I'll do the same with Jake." Crash nodded while Coco said, "Okay Aku Aku." "Hey Jake," Crunch called to him as the mask floated through the hole, "You and Aku Aku watch yourselves down there." "Sure thing Crunch!" Jake responded, "You and the others watch yourselves up there."  

As Aku Aku and Jake traveled though the secret tunnel, Jake broke many boxes and cleared the path of giant crabs and other enemies while Aku Aku lead the way. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew was scaling the waterfall while Crash broke boxes and took care of enemies as well , all while they were careful not to stumble or fall. As Jake and Aku Aku finally made it near the end of the secret tunnel, the two noticed something truly extraordinary. They slowly approached and looked at what appeared to be a shining gem, but it was red in color. "Jake," Aku Aku said, "You discovered a special hidden gem!" "Wow," Jake said in awe while also looking like the gem was hypnotizing him, "This gem is so beautiful, I didn't know these were also red too." "Yes Jake, but they're not just red as well," Aku Aku said as he was beholding the red gem, "They also come in a variety of other shapes and colors." "Really?" Jake said, "Like what?" "I'll tell you after my child," Aku Aku, "I have a feeling we'll be finding more of these on our quest." As Jake took the red gem and put it in his backpack, the two pressed onward. They were soon happy and relieved as they saw there was a light and opening at the end. 

As they made their way out, the two soon saw that Crash and the rest of the gang made their way towards them. Crash soon saw the two and his smile grew bigger than ever as he saw them. Shouting in gibberish, he rushed over to Jake and gave him a big hug. Returning the hug, Jake said, "Crash!! I'm so glad to see you!!" Aku Aku smiled at this moment. "Jake, you made it!" Coco said as she joined the hug. Polar nudged Jake and licked him in the face while Pura rubbed against him affectionately. Tawna soon joined the hug and said, "Aww, Jake I was so worried about you!" Smiling, Crunch went over and fist bumped Jake saying, "I gotta hand it to you Jake, you're one tough kid!" "Thanks guys," Jake said, "I couldn't have done it without Uncle Aku." Aku Aku nodded and smiled at this while the rest of Team Bandicoot smiled back at him. "Ooh, check out what I found down there!!" Jake said and showed them the red gem he found. "Nice one Jake," Coco said giving him a high five while Crash gave him a fist bump. "A trooper and a treasure hunter," Crunch added, "Who would've thought?"

As they reunited, Crash saw one of what they were looking for: a power crystal. As they made a grab for it, they group was close to the top as Crash smashed the last box and the gem appeared in front of them. Crash and Jake grabbed the gem while they held the crystal and Jake's red gem while approaching the next crystal and gem totem. As they put them all together in their slots, the crystal and gems glowed while the totem glowed like before. Then Crash did his signature dance while Jake almost did the same. "You're getting there Jake," Aku Aku said with a smile and a wink, "You're getting there." Then they pressed onward. As they all walked past the totem, they went further up as they scaled the falls, not realizing someone was waiting for them at the top. Seeing and realizing they were close, the first of Cortex's henchmen, Ripper Roo, maniacally laughed as he got ready. He had the crew in his sights, and this time, he was ready to blow them up!

Jake (c) Me
Crash Bandicoot (c) Universal Interactive Studios
Spike Sticks Up for Charlie Brown
Here's a request for one of my watchers and good friends, :iconlocopoton1:! For his next request, he wanted me to draw Spike from Tom and Jerry beating up Peanuts' own Lucy Van Pelt. So I decided for this to be based on that scene from Family Guy where Peter Griffin used his "Roadhouse" skills to do the same.

Spike: Now you are gonna HOLD DOWN that football until Charlie Brown kicks it!! GOT IT, KID!! And no more callin' him Blockhead either!! Or I'll knock your voice box so far down, you'll be soundin' like half the adults around here!! Wah, wah, wah!!

If you thought Peter was tough, you haven't seen Spike in the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Not to mention he's a pretty vicious dog, just see what he does to Tom on a regular basis.

This is for you Locopoton! What do you think of this? More will come soon.

Spike (c) Warner Bros./Turner
Charlie Brown and Lucy (c) Charles Schulz 
Ariel the Sea Witch
Here's a request for one of my watchers and best buddies, :iconwielderofblueflames:! After I saw and faved some pics involving Ariel as a sea witch done by another one of my friends :icontightlywrappedcoils:, he asked me to do my own variation of Ariel in a sea witch form. I'm not sure if he wanted me to do this with just her or someone else, or do some kind of comic with this, but nonetheless I just decided to draw herself in this. For my variation of Ariel's sea witch form, I decided to have her with sharp dark red fingernails, a black body and tentacles like Ursula, and a dark red underbelly with red suction cups since it would match her hair.

This is for you Josh, I hope you enjoy this. I certainly did making it!

Ariel (c) Disney
The Little Mermaid (c) Hans Christian Anderson
Kitty and Luka
Here's a request for one of my watchers who goes by the name of :iconwildstar27:!  For his request, he wanted me to draw his two OCs, Kitty the dog, and Luka the fairy fox. Both of their pics and bios can be found below.

Luka Updated Bio by wildstar27  Kitty Bio by wildstar27

This is for you Carl! What do you think of this? 

Kitty and Luka (c) wildstar27
Hey guys!! Since I already made a journal entry that talks about the story and the chapters for one of my upcoming projects, Jungle Boy, I figured I should set one up for a collab story I'm currently working on with one of my watchers and best buddies, :icondragonfire92379:, The Centaur Moon Princess Book.

The Centaur Moon Princess Book by SammyD-Productions

A Crossover of the Jungle Book and the Lion King. Many strange legends are told in the wild jungles of the mystical land of Enchantia; a realm that belongs to the Ponies of Equestira, the Dragons who were the most ancient and the most famous living right side them, the Centaurs, but none so strange as the story of the young princess of the Moon Kingdom and the Moon-Lands and the only daughter of Queen Serenity, Serena. The story begins with her birth as the Magical Creatures of Encantia come to Moon Rock to pay tribute along with the Lemur humanoid Avatar and Shaman of the Kingdom, Aang, the Black Werecat Chat Noir aka Adrien Agreste and the jungle fairy Ladybug aka Marinette Dupain-Chen. Fourteen years later, Serena has grown to a beautiful teenage centaur princess though despite living a carefree life in both the jungle and the Moon-Lands with her four best girlfriends, bodyguards and protectors Mina Aino aka Sailor Venus, Amy Anderson aka Sailor Mercury, Raye Hino aka Sailor Mars and Lita Kino aka Sailor Jupiter and under the teachings of her mother, her red fox wizard Gintaro and cat advisors Luna and Atremis, Serena life is anything but perfect. She's klutzy, she's a goofball, a bit lazy, she's easily distracted and she's a little bit of a crybaby as well especially when she is called names and given wisecracks about her huge meatball-sized hair buns on the sides of her head. Later, Serena is told by his mother, that when she dies, Serena will become Queen of the Moon Kingdom, all the Jungle and the Moon-Lands. However, Serena's destiny and entire future to sit her flanks on the throne suddenly changes when the return of Queen Beryl the evil Dragon after many years of banishment in exile threatens her life and things get worse when Serena's wicked aunt Nehelenia who would have been queen after her youngest sister Serenity had she not had a child and fuelled by rage, conspires with Beryl to eliminate Serena and overthrow Serenity so either one of them is able to take over the throne. Serena must now embark on a journey into hiding with Gin and Luna to keep her company and guided by Chat and Ladybug while her four friends stay behind to help Serenity defend her kingdom until her daughter returns fully ready. But Serena tries to convince Luna, Gin, Chat and Ladybug otherwise that she can take her future role seriously and stay to help her mother and friends defend the jungle and the Moon-Lands, and will stop at nothing to prove it to them. Along the way, he meets an assortment of many magical creatures and other characters that make Enchantia truly wild like the jazzy monkey boy Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy who tries to make Serena give him the power of the Imperium Silver Crystal and the secret to being like her, the sly and cunning ultimate android Perfect Cell, who's colorful hypnotic eyes and seductive voice hypnotizes the Centaur Princess and his tail nearly absorbs her powers, the leader of the Winx Club, the Dragon-Fairy Queen and Keeper of the Great Dragon's Fire Bloom, her trusted Luck Dragon companion and future Alpha/Dragon King-in-Training Taiku, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Spike and their friends from Equestria including the new Dragon Lord Princess Ember who become trusted allies to Serena and her friends, the smug, self-absorbed, yet lovable demigod, Maui and his friends, the crazy orange marsupial, Crash Bandicoot, and his wise Tiki mask mentor, Aku Aku, who become fast friends with the princess through their worry-free motto "Hakuna-Matata", the handsome centaur prince Darien whom Serena falls head over hooves in love with though he calls her least favorite nickname 'Meatball Head', and the free-spirited Saiyan Dragon Goku, his family and friends who teach Serena the "Bare Necessities" of life and the true meaning of friendship while helping her take her rightful place in the Great Circle of Life. 

1. The Circle of Life (Complete)  
2. Serenity and Nehelenia
3. Serena's Morning Lessons/The Jungle is No Place for A Girl
4. Auntie and Niece Talk/I Just Can't Wait to Be Queen
5. The Mammoth Graveyard
6. They Live in You
7. The Water Truce/Queen Beryl 
8. Serena Leaves Home
9. Beryl and Nehelenia's Wicked Plan/Be Prepared
10. Perfect Cell 
11. March of the Viking Giants/Encountering the Sprites 
12. Serena Becomes Homesick/Meeting Goku 
13. The Saiyan Dragon Necessities
14. Kidnapped by the Straw Hat Pirates 
15. Bloom, Taiku and Friends
16. Monkey D. Luffy 
17. Escaping the Straw Hats 
18. Goku's Dilemma/Betrayal 
19. Beryl Attacks/Dinosaur Stampede/Serenity's Death
20. Serenity's Wind Song/Be Prepared Reprise 
21. Sabrina the Psychic Snake Girl
22. Crash Bandicoot, Aku-Aku and Maui/Hakuna Matata 
23. Nehelenia's Wicked Regime/Darien's Shadowland
24. The Madness of Beryl/The Rescue Mission
25. Serena Nearly Gets Crash Killed
26. Endless Night 
27. Darien and Serena's Friends Reunite
28. Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
29. Darien And Serena's Argument/Shenron's Talk With Serena
30. Perfect Cell Returns 
31. Beryl's Talk With Cell
32. Shrek, Donkey, Puss and the Harpy Amazon Quartet
33. That's What Friends Are For
34. She Lives in You/I Am Serena
35. Who's the Lemur Boy?/Pre-Battle Alliance
36. Serena's Return/Dress In Drag And Do The Hula!
37. Serena Confronts Nehelenia/Goku vs Beryl 
38. The Final Battle for Moon Rock 
39. Goku's Death and Serena's Ascension 
40. A New Beginning/The Circle of Life Continues


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Hi. Remember Sammy's Disney Adventures? I can give you the list of Disney classic and modern animated films (along with some few live-action ones). Also, since some films are set on diferent timelines, Sammy would appear in outfit from the era which some film is set (except the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio ones since you drew these films with Sammy in his modern day clothes). Some films with all-animal cast (like Bambi or Robin Hood) or animal-focused (like Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, 101 Dalmatians, The Aristocats or The Rescuers), Sammy would appear as a animal:

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Complete)
  • Pinocchio (Complete)
  • Dumbo
  • Bambi (its review in the image can also came with a review of the 2006 midquel Bambi II)
  • Disney's 1940s anthology films (Fantasia, Saludos Amigos, The Three Caballeros, Make Mine Music, Fun and Fancy Free, Melody Time and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) (all would be put in the same image since it can be a good idea)
  • Song of the South (Walt Disney's first live-action film;…)
  • So Dear to My Heart (…)
  • Cinderella
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Peter Pan
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • The Sword in the Stone
  • Mary Poppins
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (it could be in the list in chronological order since it have three shorts produced by Walt Disney himself before his death)
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Aristocats
  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  • Robin Hood
  • The Rescuers (here is a image you would use to it:…)
  • Pete's Dragon
  • The Fox and the Hound (it would feature Tod and Cooper in their adult form, since the film focus more on them as adults;…)
  • The Great Mouse Detective
  • Oliver and Company
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Aladdin
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Lion King
  • Pocahontas
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame (which it would be the song scene "Out There")
  • Hercules
  • Mulan
  • Tarzan
  • The Emperor's New Groove
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Tresaure Planet
  • Brother Bear
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Bolt
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Tangled
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Frozen
  • Zootopia
  • Moana
The Black Cauldeon, Home on the Range and Chicken Little would not be included due to these films were unsuccessful. Big Hero 6 is a Marvel film, so you're free to add it.
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